Who We Are

The Sussex County Retired Educators’ Association (SCREA) is affiliated with the New Jersey Retired Educators’ Association (NJREA), the New Jersey Education Association (NJEA) and the National Education Association Retired (NEA-R).

The purpose of this association is to promote the economic, professional and social welfare of retired education professionals and to promote fellowship within the organization.

Your NJEA dues were automatically deducted from your paycheck on a monthly basis while you were actively employed; however, retirees need to join on a yearly basis unless they are lifetime members. It is vitally important to continue membership into retirement even if you are moving out of state. The SCREA, NJREA, NJEA, and NEA are unified and the cost to join is less than $90 per year. You can easily save the cost of membership by utilizing NJEA Member Benefits and purchasing one pair of eyeglasses through YourOptical.com. But more importantly, we need to continue to safeguard our pensions and benefits so that they will be there throughout retirement.

Why the SCREA and NJREA Needs You

  •   If retirees assume invulnerability, they forget that change is but a few votes away
  • An Association’s effectiveness is measured by the number of its members.
  • We inform you when action is needed to protect the pension and benefits you have earned.

Why You Need the SCREA and NJREA

  • We are the only organization with the sole purpose to protect retirees’ benefits.
  • We tell you what is developing.
  • You will receive the SCREA Newsletter, the NJREA Newsletter, as well as NJEA publications to keep you updated on education issues and legislative action.
  • You can depend on NJEA when you have a question or need assistance with your health benefits or pension.

Sussex County Retired Educators

PO BOX 502
Augusta, NJ 07822