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By Pam Raynor

Welcome to the Sussex County Retired Educators Association website. I hope you will use this site to get information about meetings and events, to stay current on the status of our pension and benefits and to learn more about our unified organization.

I want to welcome all of our newest retirees to Sussex County Retired Educators Association. Each retiree that I have spoken with agrees that RETIREMENT is the best gift you can give yourself. As the first days of September come, sit back and enjoy the luxury of doing whatever you want! Be it, sleeping in, volunteering, playing hours of golf and or tennis, learning new games like Bridge or Mahjong, taking up hobbies like painting or photography, or maybe you will be caregivers for your grandchildren. I wish you much joy and fun in your next chapter.

I would ask when you are out and about with your teacher friends, you encourage them to join us and become a member of Sussex County Retired Educators. There are over 500 retirees in Sussex County that have not joined SCREA. Remember, more members mean a stronger VOICE in Trenton, watching over our PENSION, and HEALTH care. The dues  go towards providing us a link to communications to what are current issues for retirees. There are quarterly meetings held where issues are discussed, and members concerns are addressed, in addition to opportunities to socialize. Please share with non- members that it is only $1.76 a week to join SCREA.